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匿名ユーザーからの質問: Any 2U fanfics you recommend?


hey you ^^

well yes  yes of course ~ even though these days it’s rare to see a new yunchun fics >< but here is my fave :

The Right Reasons by dokssuri : my ultimate favorite 2u fic ^^

Bent Kisses by be-ddelusionall : lots and lots of Kisses ;)

Center of the Ring by magalix3 : i really love this one ~

A Bus-Ride Away by lemonademelon: Fluffyyy ^^

 Lovestruck by yunhore: i need to read this again !!

i know this is short so if you want more go here (X

enjoy ^^

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5.15 Bash: ‘Not While I’m Around’ - Blaine Anderson


I just wish he could hear me, so I could tell him I was here.

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"We are now going to have the hottest make-up sex ever."

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